More Than Paint Deep Challenge

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Discover the Difference.

The second you climb onto a John Deere and sit in the yellow seat, you’ll notice that the difference between our 1025R and the competition is more than paint deep.

It just feels solid, well built, and comfortable. 

Like it was designed with a better understanding of real-world performance needs and features you’ll appreciate over your long-term ownership.

The Paint Deep Challenge



Operation Comes Naturally 

Operate with more confidence and less foot fatigue with the 1025R’s intuitive Hydrostatic Twin Touch pedals. Keep your heel planted and your mind on the task at hand without having to fumble around with an awkward heel pedal. 

Pedal Operation


Take Hitch Control Up A Notch  • Lower rear implements, like a box blade, to a consistent height with ease with the 1025R’s Position Control Hitch. When leveling a gravel driveway, precision is the name of the game. Don’t make more passes than you have to, lower your hitch to the same height no matter how many times you lift the blade.

Rear Implement


Let There Be Light  • Don’t let low light get between you and job well done. Powerful LED headlights and fender lights come standard on the 1025R, giving you the ability to get more done before or after your 9-5.

Work Lights


Getting To Work Shouldn’t Be Work  • You’re not going to want to keep your mower deck attached while tackling other tasks on your property, so being able to connect it and disconnect it with ease is a big deal. This 7-gauge steel, AutoConnect Mower Deck is superior in durability, speed of connection and ease of use.

Pedal Operation


A Top-Of-The-Line Layout  • Every detail of the 1025R operator station was designed with convenience and comfort in mind. The adjustable steering wheel, seat and arm rest give you the ability to customize your setup before you get down to work. When you get in the seat, it should feel like you are sitting in your operator station, not on your operator station.

Seat Comfort

At Green Tractors, you’ll discover that the biggest difference is our commitment to you. 

We are driven to provide you with a great ownership experience by providing top-notch aftermarket support by trained experts. 

Stop by Green Tractors today to see the difference for yourself, we have a seat waiting for you. 

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