Hay handling equipment SaMASZ guarantees getting the maximal amount of the most nutritious feed from the mown acreage. Thanks to solutions used in them, which have been improved for more than 37 years by Polish engineers, they have been the desired equipment worldwide for a long time because you can get windrow in a short time that can be easily converted into valuable nutrition for cattle. Mowing with SaMASZ machines causes no turf damage. The windrow is very clean that is why its energy value is higher. It is really cost-effective and time-saving - labour inputs are used more efficiently, and the obtained feed lasts longer.

We encourage you to read our offer for hay handling equipment: disk mowers, tedders with a suspension system, trailed rotary tedders, 1 and 2 - suspended rotor rakes, 1 - trailed rotor rakes, 2 - rotor, series rotary, and basket rakes.

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