At Green Tractors, we know that keeping your livestock healthy with food and maintenance supplies is essential to a productive agricultural system. To help you keep everything running efficiently, we carry John Deere equipment to meet your maintenance and supply needs. Need tractors? We have those. Need tractor loaders? We have those too. Need hay and forage equipment? It’s here. Whatever your needs may be, we have tools, equipment, and supplies to help you meet your daily task goals. Additionally, benefit from enhanced capabilities on certain equipment like our John Deere tractors and John Deere hay equipment. Capabilities include level-to-horizon for automatic adjustment to load levels based on terrain and return-to-position, which brings the boom and bucket to predetermined positions for quicker loading. These built-in features are also available on specific loader models, along with loader cameras and interior cab LCDs that leverage Precision Ag™ for elevated management capabilities without the hassle of traditional calculations and monitoring methods. Green Tractors is here to help you keep your agricultural space fruitful and lively. Check in with us to get started on your livestock equipment purchase today. 

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Introducing the
Livestock Loyalty Program

It’s our way of saying thanks.

We want to help you do the job. But we also want to make sure you’re staying on the right side of your accounting ledger.

That’s why we’ve introduced the John Deere Livestock Loyalty Program.

It’s a savings program…but also our way of saying thanks for being a dedicated member of the John Deere family.

Talk to your Green Tractors Sales Team Today, and find out how you can save for your operation.

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